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Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Soul Readings with Laura include spiritual coaching, channeling, medical intuitive, mediumship and innate knowing.  Laura has honed many of her innate abilities in such a way that they all come into play during her readings.  Therefore, she is not know for only one type of reading.  In this way, she likes to call it a soul reading because there is really no name for it.   

As a channel, her abilities is through the roof in communication with her spirit guides, masters, teachers and angels and has led her on the path of reading for many people.  Her angels and guides are proud of her and all that she is doing to serve others in their time of need.  She is a blessing to us all.  Her ability to interpret and translate the messages that she receives is accurate and she is able to present them in the way that we mean them.  

Her ability to channel through your spirit guide brings forth information about your spiritual path and information that they want to share with you.

As a light worker and energy healer (medical intuitive) she is able to bring forth knowledge regarding the root cause of your current or future physical manifestation of discomfort and or dis-ease.   

As a medium she is able to bring forth messages from the other side from past loved ones if they choose to share information.

Tie it all up, as an awakening being she is able to bring forth higher knowledge and coaching into your reading to help you to understand the path based upon where you are.     

These are available online, in person and over the phone