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Soul Regression

Your Soul Regression comes with 1 - 30 min intuitive coaching session at the end of the session to help you to process the session.  If you need additional coaching sessions they are booked separately.    

Soul Regression is a introspective process that helps us to get to the route cause of a situation by seeing it more clearly; otherwise, known as right perception so that we can transform the situation.  Through this process we are able to transform our lives on a deeper level.  It is a unique blend of: Ericksonian Hypnosis, role change, past life regression, forgiveness therapy and spirituality processes to achieve transformation in behavior and help support relief for the client.  The process stems from the understanding that there is always a cause, reason or lesson behind our life experiences in which this technique seeks to discover and resolve.  Many times we have repressed emotions and unresolved situations that result later in life as psychosomatic symptoms; suffering.  Therefore, this process focuses on working with the soul in the search for answers and origin of the symptoms.  Soul regression is not the journey of Past Life Regression specifically.  However, Past Life Regression can be a result of working with the current life symptoms (psychosomatic) that the client brings to the session such as: low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, feeling stuck, not being seen, insecurity, allergies, toxic relationships, weight control issues (anorexia, bulimia, overweight, weight loss), migraines, body pain, recurring dreams, nightmares, sadness, phobias, fears, anger, anguish, inability to forgive, complexes, obsessions, addictions and so forth.  As we work on the current presenting symptoms, we navigate the memories around it looking for the root cause which may reveal the origins; present or past life.  No matter where it is originating from; past or present, we will navigate the life that is being shown for clarity.  Additionally, situations that might be revealed as a result of navigating our lives are contracts, karmic lessons and so much more.  As our contracts and karmic lessons come to clarity we can gain a better understanding about why things happen in our lives and possibly find answers, forgiveness and resolve.  There are also times where there might be energies that might be attached and influencing our energy field that need to be released back to the light.  This may be for many reasons related to our lives and karmic lessons or just because they are lost, confused or so forth.  Most times a person can feel a sense of relief from unusual behaviors, thoughts or symptoms upon the release of a spirit attachment.  Everyone experience is different and unique and so the process is very flexible and adaptable to the client session; client centered.  

Setup For Zoom Soul Regression Session:

 Location:  A quiet room where you will not be disturbed and you can recline or lie down.  

Equipment:  Please setup and check your equipment before the session so you know it is working properly with zoom platform.   

1. A laptop or a computer (no phone).  The laptop or computer must be aimed to where you can be seen  

2. An on or over the ear headset with a **extended microphone** (no earbuds/or gaming headsets).  

3. Zoom platform.  

24 Hours Prior To Soul Regression Session:

-set your intention for the session

-eat light and healthy within 24 hours of your session

-no caffeine, recreational drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of your session

-get plenty of rest the night before

-drink water

-go out in nature

-relax before session; do not come to a session rushed and stressed out

-make time for after your session to relax and to integrate your session and what came through

-wear comfortable clothing

-make sure you will not be disturbed and turn off distractions (phone)

-be open, trust and be ready to explore with no judgement or expectations

-make sure you return required forms at least 36 hours before your session in case there is additional forms that need to be completed