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Intuitive Readings

The intuitive reading that Laura provides is inclusive of utilizing different tools and methods of attaining the needed information for your session which can include; psychic mediumship, channeling, medical intuition and consulting the tarot or oracle.  In the quest to finding answers to our questions there are times during a reading in which the Angels, Masters, Teachers and our loved one's want to express their knowledge and wisdom to help guide us forwards.  Therefore, their presence is around us during a reading session.        

 Preparing for Intuitive reading session online or by phone:  

-The reading session is online through Zoom or over the phone 

-Pre-booking is required along with a payment before entering for the reading session

-Once a payment has been made you will receive a link to Zoom or a phone number to call

-Reading session meets promptly on time that it is booked for

-Test your equipment prior to starting time; computer, laptop, headset, speakers, etc.

- Have a quiet and uninterrupted space for this reading session

-Bring something to write with and to write on if you want to take notes