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Intuitive Readings

Looking for Intuitive Readings that go beyond the Healing The False Self healing Modality?  This service provides just that.  Laura has the ability to connect to those who have passed over, channel higher guidance and read the tarot.  Therefore, this is an all inclusive session utilizing these tools to bring forth the guidance that you are seeking.  

Preparing for Intuitive reading session:  

-The reading session is online through Zoom or over the phone 

-Pre-booking is required along with a payment before entering for the reading session

-Once a payment has been made you will receive a link to Zoom or a phone number to call

-Reading session meets promptly on time that it is booked for

-Test your equipment prior to starting time; computer, laptop, headset, speakers, etc.

- Have a quiet and uninterrupted space for this reading session

-Bring something to write with and to write on if you want to take notes