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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching includes innate abilities such as mediumship, channeling and psychic awareness.  This is incorporated into the session to help with gaining clarity on a topic or situation in your life.  It helps with individual and moral support and a more realistic look at a situation.  It helps us to get to the route cause of a situation.  It also helps us to know more about what is going on and why.  It also helps us to bring in a more focused attention in to the session to help guide us through the Freedom Technique.  With the guidance and the awareness that comes through in the intuitive coaching session you can use it to view things differently.  It is also helpful to talk about the situation you are facing in order to get it out in the open and expression yourself, your emotions, fears, doubts, so forth.  It also helps to know someone is there to help you move through the process of healing and ascension.  Whether you are attending the group or the intuitive coaching you will get the guidance that you are needing.  The intuitive coaching is a private session geared to privacy of what you might not want to share in the group atmosphere.

Preparing for Intuitive coaching session:  

-The coaching session is online through Zoom 

-Pre-booking is required along with a payment before entering the coaching session

-Once a payment has been made you will receive a link to Zoom

-Coaching session meets promptly on time that it is booked for

-Test your equipment prior to starting time; computer, laptop, headset, speakers

- Have a quiet and uninterrupted space for this coaching session

-Bring something to write with and to write on if you want to take notes