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Attend Monthly Workshop

The online workshop is a guided monthly gathering to assist with the review of the freedom technique in the book and modality "Healing The False Self" created by Laura Molecavage.  It also helps to support your journey along the process if you have questions or get stuck with moving forward on a part of the book or a situation in your life.  Each workshop we will review sections of the freedom technique.  We will also learn new and more techniques as we travel through the process such as; inner child healing, shadow work, intuitive writing, guided meditations, so forth.  If you are not comfortable being in a group setting with what you are working on you can book a 1-1 intuitive coaching session.  If you are wanting more help and guidance about a situation, you can book a soul regression session to take you even deeper.  There are many levels of support here for you along this journey.  

Preparing for Freedom Technique Monthly Workshop:  

-This group is online through Zoom 

-Preregistering is required along with a payment before entering the gathering

-Once a payment has been made you will receive a link to Zoom

-Dates of gathering are available on the events calendar along with updates  

-Test your equipment prior to starting time

-Have a quiet and uninterrupted space for this gathering

-Bring something to write with and to write on