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If you need help, I have provided a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click a question below to view the answer. If you can not find an answer here or on the website to where you have been directed, please reach out to me via the contact form on the website or by calling me at the listed number. Thank you

The typical time for a Soul Regression Session is 2 to 3 hours, Intuitive coaching session is 1 hour and the Intro coaching session is 30 min.  

All appointments are booked online through Book Session Here, which can be found under the tab: Services and Booking. 

There are no refunds.  My time is valuable not only for me but for others who are serious about their wellbeing.  Therefore, all sales for services are final, need to be pre-booked and will not be refunded.  However, if you are unable to attend and can provide at least 24 hours notice from the time of your session, you will be able to reschedule a time.  If you do not provide a notice of cancellation within the 24 hours of you scheduled session time your payment for the time and space will be retain with no rebooking for that session.  You can call to reschedule your appointment by calling the number on the website.    

To prepare for your session go to the drop down of that service and it will guide you on how to prepare for the session.  If you still have questions, please reach out and I will provide further guidance

The amount of sessions that you will need will depend upon your presenting situation, your readiness and the work you are willing to put in not only during a coaching session, group session, soul regression session but while you are living daily life.  If what is being shown or taught during sessions is not being utilized at tools for daily life then it will not be affective and or may take while.  It is a practice that we need to be dedicated to in order to a have a life that we want.  


Yes. 100% All of my sessions are safe.  They are non-invasive organic processes and have no harmful side effects.  You are in complete control at all times and aware of what is going on around you so that you can be fully engaged in the process. 

In all of my sessions the technique is different and the experience is very similar.

In Soul Regression:  It is very similar to a daydream.  We are in and out of this type of awareness throughout our daily lives when we are driving, intently involved in a good book or movie.  Most people do not feel like they are or are aware that they are in a hypnotic state because it is not very different then our wake state.  You will be very relaxed in a hypnotic state while going through the process so that you can be present and open to explore what is stored in the subconscious.  During the session, you may come into repressed emotions that need to be released and felt, shifting energy, vibration, tingling, or other physical sensations.  These are just an indicator of where it is being held in the body and energy field.     


No.  You will have completely in control of how you react and respond during a session.  You will also be able to wake yourself up during a session if you wanted to.  Your subconscious mind will not surface and you will gain access to information that is there if you are not feeling comfortable with the process.  Additionally, if you are in regression and become emotional you will still be aware of your actions and behaviors.  Being in a hypnotic trance is not taking away your free will.       

You can contact the Higher Self during the regression session if it is helpful to the progress of the session.  Not everyone does as everyone session is different.  There are times during a regression session that other things need to be addressed first before contacting the Higher Self.  We do not have any control over the outcome of who shows up in a session as far a regression technique goes but your Soul does.  We do not have to do anything special to access the Higher Self, the Higher Self will speak through when needed.  The Higher Self will bring in divine knowledge when you need it just as it happens during your entire life.  Only during hypnosis you will be more aware of it in your consciousness.  The Higher Self is your Souls counterpart that stays out of the body but is connected to you so that you can remain in the body at all times without leaving the body when it is not necessary.  But when you feel very connected to the consciousness it is than that you are more aware of it.  Regression is opening the door for this to happen so you can be more in tune with its awareness and view.    

The regression technique is not specific to past lives.  The purpose of the soul regression session is to help you with your current situation in this lifetime.  However, if your current situation is a result of a past life time, an in utero experience or an in between life experience then that is where you will go during a session to help transform this so that you can be free of it in this lifetime.  It is important for you to be open and to follow your souls guidance instead of trying to guide the session with to a past life as it may not be as effective.  If you are meant to go there, you will be taken there by your soul.  

No.  This is an individual session and to have someone else present during the session may influence the outcome of the session. Everything that comes from the session is regarded as sacred and protected.  Therefore you will be provided with a video or sound recording of the session.  You can share that with them at your discretion.  

No.  The session can not be recorded by you or anyone else but Laura Molecavage for any reason.  Due to copyright, sharing and privacy concerns a copy is not allowed to be recorded by you or shared with others outside of the session.  Therefore, Laura Molecavage will provide you with a sound or video recorded copy of the session.  It is then up to you to do what you choose with it.      

All of my sessions are provided fully online and or in-person.  If you are outside of my area the session can be done online.  If you are in my area, location information will be sent once a session is booked.    

For all sessions types, the age requirement is the parental legal age of 18.  If you are under the parental legal age of 18 you will need to have parental approval and a form completed before we can have a session. 

You can find the cost of the sessions by going to the book sessions here drop down tab.  

No.  Only what you feel comfortable sharing with me.  None of my sessions is about accessing deep dark secrets or things that you do not want to reveal.  The sessions are geared towards helping you get past, heal and manifest a life that you want.  The only time a personal information might be exposed if that is what is needing to shift in order to met the goals of the session.  Even then you do not have to share it with me if you do not want to but it may interfere with the effectiveness of the session.  Otherwise you are fully in control.

Everyone is different.  Each session is different.  Each session that I provide is different.  Most people remember everything that happens during a regression session.  You will also be provided with a recorded hypnosis session 

No. You are. This is all about you. You are the healer and have complete control over your session. If you are not open to healing, seeing, feeling and transforming the energy from the session it may not be as successful as it could be if you were to be open.  The Practitioner is only the guide to help you navigate your session. The practitioner holds space with compassion and understanding.  The healing happens between you and your soul in these processes.

No. If you buy a session you are the only one who can be in the session. The sessions are not transferable.  The reason behind this is that the person may not really want a session and so it would not be effective.  

No. It can not fix or cure anyone that they themselves are not willing to cure or fix.  Everyone has free will and choice over themselves.  These sessions are setup to help you to confront and find out the under lining core issues and reason behind the situation that you are experiencing.  It is then up to you to take the necessary actions to heal, cure your life.  Sometime it is simple steps like changing a behavior, a believe or forgiving someone.  These sessions do not diagnose or cure.  Laura Molecavage is also not a doctor, psychologist, or a licensed therapist.  None of my sessions diagnose or cure anything that is required by law that a licensed medical professional addresses.  If something is found that needs such a professional it will be advised to you so that you seek the right professional attention.  



Inner Child:  The Inner Child is an aspect of ourselves that gets stuck in a time space reality from a traumatic event or experience that keeps part of ourselves locked in that memory so we can not move forward in life until it is brought into the light.  It also keeps us seeing things from that perspective as a child where we don't have the full understanding of why things happen in our lives the way that we do.  Working with the inner child helps to heal our lives and allow a more developed aspect and consciousness to come in.  During our sessions it may be that your Inner Child will become known and that will become apart of the process where we will explore the situation so that you can move forward and over come this blockage.  Sometimes it is just releasing trapped energy, emotions, or simply expressing ourselves of what we have not gotten to express in our lives.  It is a very simple process.

Shadow Work:  The Shadow aspect is an expression of self that has been stuck within the corners of who we are and unable to express itself in the way that it was meant to be expressed.  It has been hushed and not accepted for the time that it has been repressed.  It can create many things in our lives that create suffering trying to get expressed; hence the shadow, not able to see why we are experiencing the things we experience.  

These are parts of us that can be expressed during a session or exercise that we will be working on through the process of Healing The False Self.      

Your intention should be focused upon what you are wanting to work on resolving. 

That depends upon the type of medication and the reason for the medication.  If it is fine with your medical doctor and it does not interfere or cause harm or distress to you to engage in the process of these sessions then it should not be a problem.  Sometimes what we think is harmless is not always the case.  It is important that you are able to stay present, and awake without passing out during a session.  Therefore, it is important to seek clearance from your medical doctor just in case.  

** Please be advised that the medical approval does not apply to all medications that you might be on.  Therefore, do not automatically assume that you will not be able to have a session. 

Once you have submitted the signed paperwork to me for the session that you are going to have, I will check to see if you will need to gain medical approval for the session at which time I will give you another form to submit to them.  This form will need to be provided back to me before the session.  Generally this is only to ensure that you have good health and are of sound mind and body to the point that this will not create further harm to you in any way.  Know that this is place for your own safety.

Because the goal of the sessions is to see where you are stuck; sometimes it means working with emotions, truamas, past lives and forgiveness.  Therefore, taking any mind and mood stabilizers, repressors or the like, prescribed or un-prescribed may impair the results and the outcome of the session.  Therefore, if you show up to the session under the influence or have not provided me with the full facts you will not be able to stay for the session and you will be excused without a refund.


No.  Because the goal of the sessions is to see where you are stuck; sometimes it means working with emotions, truamas, past lives and forgiveness.  Being under the influence will keep you from obtaining the goal of the session.  Being under the influence is not beneficial to the session, the outcome and will be wasting both of our time and your money.  Therefore, taking any mind and mood stabilizers, repressors or the like, prescribed or un-prescribed may impair the outcome of the session.  Therefore, if you show up to the session under the influence you will not be able to stay for the session and you will be excused without a refund.  This includes marijuana and alcohol.  It is important that yo are able to stay present, and awake without passing out during a session. 






You can pay for a session when you book the session under the tab: Services and Booking.  All bookings are required to be paid for in advance of the session.  Once a payment is received, the time slot for your session will be reserved.  You will receive further instructions.  No payments will be accepted at the time of service.   

Please be on time for all sessions regardless if they are in-person or if they are online.  If it is online, make sure your equipment is all set up, working and ready to go well in advance of the session.  See.. how to prepare for a session.  If you have technical problems make sure you contact me at least 24 hours prior to the session.  See refund policy.  If you are not able to log on after 15 min from the start of the session time we will need to reschedule the appointment and there is no refund for that booked time.  If you log into the session late within the first 15 min; that time is lost and will be deducted from the session with no refund as the sessions have to run on time and will end on scheduled time.  There will not be any extended sessions unless there is no one behind you that is booked for a session.  Please understand and be courtesy of those who have sessions before and after you.  

Yes.  You must read, sign and submit a waiver for all sessions before the session at least 24 hours before the session start time.  If I have not received it we will not be able to proceed and your session will need to be rebooked.  

The gathering can be found under the Events tab.  Click on the date that you want to attend, register, submit payment online and attend the gathering.  It is a good idea to have ordered the book/cards and/or the journal when attending the any of the gatherings and/or sessions.  You can order them online by going to the links shared on this website  

Spiritual Life Coaching includes the use of innate abilities such as intuition hence its name.  This is incorporated into the session to help with gaining clarity on a topic or situation in your life.  It helps with individual and moral support and a more realistic look at a situation.  It helps us to get to the route cause of a situation.  It also helps us to know more about what is going on and why.  It also helps us to bring in a more focused attention in to the session to help guide us through the Healing The False Self modality.  To find out more about the intuitive coaching session see the drop down Menu.      

Please see soul regression in the drop down tab 

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