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Why Healing The False Self Modality?

Healing The False Self Modality is an universal healing system that leads you through the process of awakening and transforming your life.  Through this approach you can transform your life no matter what it is that you are facing: weight loss issues, addictions, traumatic experiences, pain, fears, phobias, allergies, unexplained suffering, and other life altercating experiences

The Healing The False Self Modality is set up so that you can individualize your own healing journey and process.  Which means that all of the components of the process work and are based upon each other but they don't have to all be utilized as a means for self transformation.  With that being said, the healing journey starts with purchasing the book called Healing The False Self.  In the book is the Freedom Technique in which you can utilize on your own if you are well versed with healing modalities such as inner child and shadow work.  If not or are new to self healing and transformation then you can purchase the book and attend the supporting workshops where you will be guided along the process so that you can learn it and do it on your own.  As we journey together through this interactive process you will learn not only about the Freedom Technique but you will learn about how to utilize it along with other self transformational techniques like shadow work, inner child healing, automatic writing, meditation and so much more.  The group serves as a way to connect to others who are on the self healing and transformational path, group support and interactive sessions.  In addition to the workshop, I provide individualized support through intuitive coaching sessions.  This serves as a safe container for those who are healing deeper wounds or life situations that need more attention or privacy away from the group.  It also serves as support, guidance and motivation to stay on the path to healing.  Sometimes we just need to have a different view point on life topics.  Lastly, I offer soul regression sessions that will help you to go deeper to get a clearer view and understanding of your life situation.  This session will be based off of what you are working on from the Freedom Technique.