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Spiritual Awakening

Transformation Is In Your Hands

Healing The False Self is about healing, awakening and self transformation from the situations that arise in our lives.  There is never anything wrong with us it is the situation in our lives that we suffer.  Therefore this transformation is in your hands because we all have the ability to transform our lives regardless of what the situation is.  Our ability stems from turning in and realizing who we are; the master creator of our own life.  Once we understand this and have the tools to work with our lives are no longer suffering.  This is the transformational work that Laura does.  She doesn't help you to cope with your life situations, she helps you to learn to transform your life situations through her teachings, sessions and her gatherings.  She teaches in a way that is easy for you to understand because transforming our lives is simple yet not always an easy road to go.  How do we get there?  Though standing on the path with Laura.  Laura can help you get to where you want to be and living the life you want to life as she guides you along the path to awakening and transforming your life. 

Additionally, Laura channeled a process that has what she calls invocations and passages and has put them in a book and card form for others to use.  From time to time she will hold a gathering for this to explain it more in depth.  This book and deck can be found by following the links on the website.  The invocations and the passages are self transformational tools in which they can help you transform your life once you understand the way. 

This is a powerful process that I have been guided to work with in my own life (before awakening) by spirit without realizing it until the full process was downloaded to me (after awakening).  Then after channeling it, I understood it was what I had been guided to do all along.  So the process is simple but yet affective and does take time.  However, it is a path that you can follow to transform your life in your own time.  It also includes feeling work and emotional work combined which is also taught in Laura's group.       

To purchase the book simply follow the amazon.com link and for the deck simply follow the drivethrucards.com link.  These can be found under the drop-down tab called Spiritual Shop